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Hidden In Plain Sight Wind Energy System

Unlocks the enormous potential of metropolitan wind

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Storm Resiliency

Harness Energy in All Environments

Survives environmental extremes and provides fault tolerant redundancy for mission critical requirements

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Corporate Sustainability

State-of-the-art Wind Energy System

Unobtrusive and safe for wildlife and out-produces similarly name-plate-rated solar and wind turbine technology.

Our Solution

Hidden In Plain Sight Wind Energy System (HIPS) is the new standard for renewable energy technology. Providing high-performing wind energy solutions that survive environmental extremes and produces energy through critical conditions, CBC is a leader in responsible wind energy and technology.

Survives Wind Speeds as High as 200 MPH

CBC Wind Energy’s Hidden In Plain Sight (HIPS) technology is built to withstand wind speeds as high as 200 mph. The fortified enclosure is made to withstand the worst storms and our redundant generator system provides a level of fault tolerance not found in other systems.

Twice as Much kWh Compared to Other Renewable Energy

CBC Wind Energy’s HIPS technology produces more than twice the power as similarly rated solar and wind technologies. We reach rated power at lower wind speeds and produce full power at higher wind speeds allowing us to capitalize on wind energy other technologies pass by.

Fraction of the Footprint of Traditional Turbines

HIPS Wind Energy is a silent operating system that delivers energy right to your place of business with an architectural appearance. Our systems are unobtrusive and blend with the urban environment.

Up to 40% Lower Cost Per kWh

The estimated cost of power with the HIPS technology is $0.096/kWh while traditional wind turbines cost $0.153/kWh.

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Hidden In Plain Sight™ Wind Energy System (patent pending)

Revolutionary approach to wind energy capture

CBC Wind  Energy’s HIPS Technology features a stationary wind concentrating enclosure. The sails of the enclosure intercept the wind, create a vortex and focus its energy in a chamber at the center of the enclosure.

Dynamic chamber

At the center of our enclosure is a chamber housing the rotor. The chamber dynamically changes size and shape responding to ambient wind speed and direction, optimizing air flow and power production.

Next Generation Rotor

Coupled with the chamber is our revolutionary, lightweight high performance rotor.  Because we use an enclosure, our rotor can be lighter and therefore start at lower wind speeds. Since it’s supported in the enclosure, it can be suspended from both top and bottom, independent from the generator systems and the rotor can drive multiple redundant generators. Bottom line - unparalleled stability resulting in unmatched reliability.

our technology

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CBC is ridiculously powerful and easy to use, beginner or advanced. Always been on the hunt for handcrafted, clean energy.
John Doe
CBC is a great source to get natural and renewable energy that is powerful and easy to use. This is the next step to getting our office to be more green.
Laura William
CBC is a wonderful clean energy choice for our business. It is reliable, powerful, and easy to set up.
Sam Smoke

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